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Developing feed enzymes that count™ 

Eli Lilly's Agreement to Acquire ChemGen Corp. has Finalized with Closing Taking Place at 10:00EST  - -  February 17, 2012

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About ChemGen

ChemGen is a bioscience company specializing in the development and commercialization of innovative feed enzyme products that improve the efficiency of production. In the early 1990s, ChemGen recognized that feed enzyme products would become a major category of feed ingredients, and we focused our research and development efforts on creating novel and useful products.



Feed enzymes are important in global farm operations because they offer the animal producers greater efficiency in the production of animal products such as poultry, meat and eggs. As catalysts, feed enzymes break down specific substrates present in animal feed. When they degrade anti-nutritive substances in the feedstuffs, enzymes can extend the energy value of the feed and have numerous other beneficial effects on live animal performance that will improve your bottom line.

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